Dual Nature Exhibition

Dual Nature is an exhibition of works that explore the profound and intricate relationship
between the feminine gaze and the natural world. This collection of works, spanning ceramics,
fiber art, painting, and photographic processes delves into the intuitive connections that bind
body, movement, and landscapes.
Each artist featured in “Dual Nature” brings a unique perspective to this dialogue, using their
chosen medium to express the symbiotic relationship between human and environment. The
fluidity of ceramic forms mirrors the earth’s malleability, while the tactile quality of fiber art
connects to the intricate textures found in nature. Paintings capture the ephemeral dance of
light and shadow, and film processes that frames moments of stillness and pattern, reflecting
the ever-changing landscape.
Through the lens of the feminine, these works challenge and expand our understanding of
nature. They embody a sensitivity to the rhythms of the earth, a celebration of organic forms,
and a reverence for the interconnectedness of all life.
“Dual Nature” speaks to the duality inherent in existence—the seen and unseen, the physical
and the spiritual, the individual and the collective. It is an exploration of how we, as humans,
navigate our relationship with the natural world and how this connection is expressed through
the creative process.

Exhibiting artists:
Billie Baker
Kobi Collins
Lana Scoville
Natasha Burbury


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