Within a petal exists a cosmos of healing
Founded under a warm Indian sky in 2014, our scents are dreamed up with intention. Transcending the art of perfume into a nourishing everyday ritual, each blend is informed by the energetics of Vata, Pitta and Kapha (known in Vedic terms  as Doshas).
All ingredients are kind to the earth and beneficial to your being. Globally sourced and distilled using age-old methods with a selection of medicinal herbs and exotic florals that are soothing to touch and gently uplift with every inhale. 


APFR (Apotheke Fragrance) is a Japanese fragrance brand founded by Keita Sugasawa in 2011. Influenced by traditional fragrances, herbal cultures, natural philosophical thoughts, food, music, and art from around the world, the fragrance is created, and the world of the brand is expressed by incorporating Japan's ancient delicate attention to detail in contemporary design. All of APFR's home fragrances are produced in their own factory and all ingredients are meticulously selected and their raw material partners. APFR's Mindset is "We aim to provide products that will be remembered in the mind as an album with a scent of daily life and emotions".

APFR Fragrance, Candles and Incense can be found in our Hausmarkt Section of Newrybar Merchants