Pop-Up Artists



“My artworks are shaped by a diarist approach and an inquiry into the human psyche. Centred around personal growth of the spiritual self, subjects of light and dark flow through my works. The flowers in my work represent a bridge between the natural world and human life and the idea that we all have an internal garden that we must continuously nourish. In my paintings, I depict whimsical and ethereal figures, with elements of naivety which reinforces the idea of finding the true beauty in the imperfect.”
Raised in Beechmont, a sub-tropical town in the hinterland of the Gold Coast, artist Brian Connolly has long held onto the natural roots of his upbringing. Connolly completed a Bachelor of Creative Industries and major in Visual Arts in 2007. After relocating to Melbourne, the artist has gained media exposure through mural collaborations with the acclaimed hair and beauty Salon Edwards & Co. Connolly has since propelled his successes through prestigious gallery representation, exhibitions and a constant flow of commissions including a long list of mural works for varied businesses. Now residing in Byron Bay, the artists bold and often whimsical works seek to bridge a link between nature and human life with the common thread of botanicals symbolizing personal development and the process of flowering.
Head In The Flowers will exhibit at Newrybar Merchants
from 16th October - 16th December 2020