Closet Tag is a paper air freshener. Hang it in the preferred location (e.g., closet bar, doorknob, towel rail) and enjoy the resulting smell. The aroma will last around one month. The Closet Tag can be used as a room freshener or to freshen the air in your car!

Oakmoss & Amber - A fresh fragrance with citrous and amber tones that complement oakmoss. Citrous offers the dominant aroma, followed by herbs like sage and lavender. Finally, the blend includes oakmoss, amber, and tonka bean. A corridor facing the sea, a dry breeze touching sand-colored walls, and a smell flowing through a living room at Villa Agave on Mykonos.

Fragrance notes include amber, grapefruit, herb, lavender, oakmoss, orange, rose, sage, and tonka beans.