Fragrance Oil - Maghreb Bukhoor


Fragrance oil formulated for aromatic enjoyment. Place a few drops on an oil warmer, stone, or other air freshener to enjoy the scent.

25ml of Maghreb Bukhoor, a woody, oriental scent inspired by Morocco (Maghreb in Arabic, meaning "land of the setting sun"), offers intriguing scents. A warm agarwood with a rich rose. Sensual fragrance and spicy cinnamon. These are combined with the traditional herbal remedy of sandalwood and the heavenly aroma of frankincense. With a hint of mint tea, this fusion reflects the mood of the alluring incenses found in bazaars and mosques.

Fragrance notes include agarwood, cinnamon, damask rose, frankincense, musk, peppermint, rose de mai, and sandalwood.